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FairStreet is a platform that enables business owners to raise capital from a multitude of accredited investors. The funds are raised in exchange for equity. FairStreet is The Street for Everyone; we believe in the democratization of investment to spur business growth, create more jobs and catalyze a more inclusive investor community.

  • The platform facilitates the exchange of information and communications between Business Owners and Investors, complies with SEC regulations, and offers due diligence through accounting and audit firms.
  • The platform is run by a experienced New-York based team of entrepreneurs, engineers and marketers. The team brings a global perspective and business networks to the platform, having worked throughout Asia, Europe and the U.S. collectively and individually.


Vaibhav Sinha

Vaibhav drew his last paycheck about ten years back. Since then, he has started and/or managed companies in fields as varied as software, healthcare, mining and skincare cosmetics. Apart from sectors, he also has experience working in the US, UK, Canada, Switzerland and India. Having gone through the cycle himself, it is easy for him to identify with the troubles of entrepreneurs - especially when it comes to fundraising.

Through FairStreet, he now wishes to use this wealth of experience with entrepreneurial fundraisers and financial supporters alike.

He is a Civil Engineer from IIT and believes his best thinking happens when driving around (sometimes like a maniac) in the mountains. It all started when he participated in the highest altitude car rally in the world - but that's a story for another day.

Sumit Yadav

Sumit has over twelve years of experience working with all kinds of companies - large and small, domestic and international. He used to make web-based software for a company out of California but moved to designing complicated Computer Aided Design applications in Dassault Systems for Boeing and Airbus.

Some try to put him in the geek category. We think it works for us as we can use all the geekness we can get to build our platform. He is a Mechanical Engineer from IIT.

Baldy Rakhra

Baldy has over 20 years of experience working in nearly every field, from financial services and software development to media entertainment and gaming. He started his first venture right out of high school but a few years later, he caved in and worked with insurance giants in Canada.

Since then, he has worked on the other side funding ventures through his involvement in Protein Capital - a venture fund out of Singapore. We think it's an excuse to indulge in his passion of travelling to places far and wide. He probably clocks more airmiles every year than cargo planes of Fedex.

We also think that it's cool that he can easily live his life berry farming in beautiful British Columbia but has opted to work with us at FairStreet.

Trefor Munn-Venn

Trefor is definitely a rock-star. Over the years, he has served as a Director in many large organizations, including Bell Canada, and is actively involved in strategic planning and policy making with many public organizations in Canada. He is also a widely respected writer.

He helps FairStreet in all of our branding and social media initiatives. He can stand up, literally, at a moment's notice and give a rousing speech.

Though immensely soft-spoken, you cannot take him lightly. He has earned the kind of belts even the Chinese would boast about. We, of course, are tremendously proud of him.

He also has a Webby Award to his name. How cool is that!